You Are Seeds

The first thing I received at Annual Conference in Roanoke was … an apple.

“How do you like them apples?!” That popular phrase of American culture popped into my head immediately. Apples are good! And they communicate goodness: life, fruit, creation, Creator, health, sharing…. Seeds.

All of these ideas are present & intentionally demonstrated by United Methodist Christians.

We, 3500 believers, gathered in one place and in one Spirit are making a positive online casino canada impact – sharing God”s seeds – in these ways:

– bagged mega pounds of potatoes to feed people
– gave 13,000 pounds of canned food to “Feeding America” ministry
– donated 37-thousand “Kits for Conference” to help the needy around the world, valued at $473,000 !!

Also, one of our Winchester District pastors, Charles Townsend wrote an original song, leading the conference in singing it: “How the Apples Grow.”  It was inspirational!

We are ordaining new ministers, sending out missionaries & planting new faith-communities. All of these seeds will be sown in the name of Jesus Christ!

How do you like them apples?

Blessings to you all – you ARE seeds….
pastor jason, roanoke, va