What Have You Learned Lately?

Ideally, I strive to be someone who is always a learner.

Lately, our Youth Group has been teaching me (or reminding me) an important gospel lesson: to be engaged in local missions regularly. As Jesus came to seek & to save the lost, so disciples are to be about the same mission!

This summer our Youth have been engaged in mission events like their week-long mission trip to help poor families in the Shenandoah Valley and the night they spent outdoors – in a cardboard box – side by side with homeless people.

Thees young people have come to church & testified about these important experiences & the lessons they”ve learned from people who are in need.

They told me about how up close & personal they came to poverty. It”s a big lesson.

Maybe I casino spiele need to learn to be more up close [ 178 ] Page 194Importing and Exporting unformat hard drive from Various DBs In this final chapter, we are going to see how data from different sources can be loaded into R for performing the data analytics operations. & personal with the poor, with the least, the last & the lost.

And maybe then, I”d learn better, to see Jesus in other people.

I remember when I was in high school, I attended Youth Group (MYF) and some bible studies. I went, excitedly, to Young Life Summer Camps.

But did we do anything for the poor? – doubt it – don”t remember! So even IF we did, it made no lasting impression on me.

I have learned that there is a real transformation involved in hearts of the helpers when we reach out to help someone in need. Especially when you help them up close & personal!

May this heart of Jesus for the poor be the heart that God teaches you to have!