What We Believe

All United Methodists do not agree on everything that we believe. As with many people and corporate bodies the UMC struggles with their beliefs on same-sex marriage and the whole topic of gay, lesbian and transgendered people. Like any family, different members of the family have different ideas and beliefs but at the end of the day we are still family: the family of God.

The distinguishing marks of a United Methodist are probably best illustrated by a commitment to the basics of Christianity and by a Christian lifestyle-rather than by assenting to a particular scheme of beliefs.

We earnestly believe: God has mercy for all people. Each person is created in the image of God (whatever that means), in the mystery of salvation through Jesus the Christ and that God knows us, loves us and cares about each of us and all of us.

United Methodists share 4 main guidelines for belief (and I really like this) scripture, tradition, reason and experience. If you will look at each of these when making a decision we believe that your decisions-and therefore your life- will be better.