Trouble with Trouble?

Trouble can be God”s strategy for transforming the human soul.

The Bible suggests we “rejoice” in the face of trials & trouble (James 1, 1 Peter 1, 2 Cor. 1). So, it”s not “my” teaching or my idea that we can expect trouble, even welcome it & learn from it. Trouble has been characteristic of many of the great characters of the Bible (Abraham, Joseph, Jesus, Peter, Paul, etc). Just think of all the trouble Daniel & his friends faced for being people of faith A horoscopes scorpio will accumulate the hurt rather than show the indignation, will enjoy the postponed revenge, but will not engage in a fight with an offender. in a strange land.

Christians today can expect trouble because we live in a land that”s casino online not truly our ultimate home.Daphne-Party Diashow

I believe that God has something to teach us & His lessons often involve hardship. Not that God *wants* us to suffer, but He does allow us to suffer (as Jesus did) in order that we may experience the following:

Facing trouble with faith, we may learn to trust God more; to know what others are going through; to learn about the importance of love & sacrifice; to learn of God”s kids inflatable rodeo bull for sale

Trouble, may prove to be after it”s over, a method of teaching & transforming that God uses on His hard-headed, slow-learner kids like me!

Like God did for Jesus, God can do for you & me: turn trouble into triumph.