Spread Some Goodness this Lenten Season

It started with a guy named Bob, on his way home from work. A motorist cut him off in traffic. He said some “non-Christian” words in reaction. Then he began to think. What would I be better off doing, getting angry and repaying bad with bad – or repaying wrong with right?

“RAK” or Random Acts of Kindness (sometimes “ARK” Acts of Random Kindness) are fairly well-known & common place these days. Lots of good people do lots of good things every day. Thank God for that!

But Bob took that thought a bit farther. He invited friends & strangers to gather casino online in a hotel conference room and spoke to them words of encouragement & inspiration. Then he sent them out to perform Random Acts of Kindness as a way of prompting more good – “spreading goodness” as they say.

Now they do it annually & have to reserve a much larger Unlike Virgo, pisces horoscope today usually trusts its intuitions and acts according to its huge hopes and despairs probably because of its idealistic and disinterested vision of the world. hotel ballroom. It’s been a powerful experience for the helpers and for those being helped. For example, one person went her community hospital parking lot, where it’s $3 to visit a loved one, and paid for 10 people in line.

Spreading goodness is neither expense nor difficult. Those who make a point of doing something every week are finding many creative ways to be kind to strangers rather than “cutting off” someone on our hurried daily routines.

Bob remarked that it should be a national holiday or something – for everyone to stop thinking of themselves and simply help someone else.

Well, Christians, isn’t every day a holy day for spreading goodness in Christ?