Pastor Mike Mayton

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Thank you for welcoming me into the Macedonia family! Cheryl, Meleah and I are excited and very happy to have the opportunity to serve God through this great United Methodist church.

Since 2007 I have served as the pastor of Wesley UMC in Winchester. One of the most unusual ministries we carried out there was to begin a note card business with a man we met living on the streets in Winchester. We made notecards out of his original artwork, sold the cards and he used the profit to support himself.

Prior to arriving in Winchester, 2001-2007, I served two churches in the country outside of Williamsburg. Both of these churches were built about the time of the Civil War, were surrounded by cemeteries and farmland.

 My first church, which I served from 1998-2001, was in Newport News, directly adjacent to the largest shipyard in the free world.  From the Sunday School class windows one could see 3 US Navy aircraft carriers.

Prior to entering pulpit ministry I worked in the seafood industry for 18 years, as production manager in a scallop processing plant and selling fish in grocery stores, restaurants and retail outlets.

 In addition to responsibilities in the local church I serve as the chair of the Winchester District Committee on Ordained Ministry, the District Missions Committee and the Virginia Conference Board of Ordained Ministry.

Cheryl and I were married in 1996 in our home church, where we met. Our daughter Meleah is a 10th grader at Sherando High School.

 We hold you in our prayers each day and ask that you pray for us and the ministry and mission of Macedonia UMC. It is amazing what God will do when we place ourselves in God’s hands.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”