Youth Upcoming Events


9/17  election of officers

9/24  T -shirt or patch design

9/30 (Saturday) Both Sr. and Jr. groups
Caring for our Neighbors: Apple Gleaning- Time TBA



10/1  Youth off 6 p.m. Charge Conference (all are invited to attend this annual business mtg.)
10/8  Suicide Awareness [ preparation for Walk in the darkness event on 10/14 SHS]
10/22  Groove 3 Valuing Values
10/29  SIN=Stop It Now: Pumpkin mashin’

11/5 Worship Planning (Youth Sunday is 11/19; Sunday before Thanksgiving)
11/10-11/12 Jr Retreat at Eagle Eyrie, Lynchburg
11/12 Jrs OFF 
6:30-8 Srs more planning, creating and practice for worship, as worship
11/19 Youth Sunday morning time
Tuesday 11/21  7 pm Thanksgiving service Y’all come; If you don’t give thanks you might as well go to school.
11/26 Off Sunday after Thanksgiving do your homework or help clean house

December 2017
12/1st-3rd Sr Retreat at Eagle Eyrie, Lynchburg
12/3rd Jrs Groove 4 Choices and Consequences: Who Can We Help At Christmas? Srs OFF 
12/10 Jrs. Getting Ready for Christmas: Advent. Can we visit another church? Srs Choices & Consequences: Who Can We Help For Christmas?
12/17 Christmas Party: It isn’t your birthday!
12/24 Worship at least twice: 8:30, 10, 11, 4, 7, 11p Obviously no youth group mtgs.
12/31 Off. Stay safe. If you or your friends need a ride call me. 757-876-9784