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Posted on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 at 3:03 am

In early 2006, Macedonia United Methodist Church started a “Seniors” Group. At the very first meeting, it was decided that the name was ALL wrong, and the group started calling itself the “EXPERIENCED GROUP”. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

The purpose of the Experienced Group is to provide an opportunity for the senior church members to get together and get to know one another. With two separate Sunday services, many did not even know the names of the folks in the “other” service from the one they attended.

The group meets regularly for breakfast on the second Tuesday of each month.

Absolutely key is that everyone is welcome, no matter their age!! Obviously this has an added benefit of fellowship in general.

The group has regular and scheduled activities. Examples of past activities include: breakfasts (the ladies and the gentlemen both meet at Perkins each month for breakfast, balloon festival, potluck dinners, and theater plays (Wayside Theater and Shenandoah University).

Future activity ideas include day trips to interesting local places like the Shenandoah Valley Museum and the Air & Space Museum (Udavar – Hazy Center) in Chantilly, VA.

Announcements will be made in church to remind all of the specific activity, but if you are interested in attending, email the church office or contact Ruth and Harry Newman. We would love to have you join the group!

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