Claim Your Winnings!

Speaking of Victory: BIG NEWS LATELY of that MEGA MILLIONS lottery
Who’s the winner? Winners? The suspense continues.

But makes me think about the basics. How do you win the lottery – you gotta act. You have to do 3 basic things:

1. Ya gotta be in it to win it. Buy a ticket.
2. Ya gotta have the winning ticket.
3. Ya gotta claim your winnings.

It looks like several people have the first 2 basic steps complete. But as of yet, no casino one has “claimed” it.

When it comes to the Ultimate “Winning” in life, Victory over death – experiencing Eternal Life, the three basic steps are virtually the same:

1. Ya gotta be in it to win it. Believe in Jesus’ victory over death, on the Cross & risen from the tomb.
2. Ya gotta have the winning ticket: have the Christ, accept Him as Lord of your life.
3. Ya gotta claim it.

Just as the lottery “winners” haven’t yet claimed their prize, this final basic step seems to be the one that’s difficult for many Christians.

To “claim” faith in Christ is to take action, to put into practice the way, the Truth & the Life of Jesus. Ya gotta live it!

Better than Mega Millions, Jesus suffered, died and Rose to New Life – for you! This is the greatest Victory we can ever claim.