A Welcome Message from Pastor Mike


Get ready for worship on the 2nd Sunday in September as we read 4 verses of the Bible together. Our time together will be to honor God and to seek to experience our LORD. It will be a time that is more about exploration than explanation; less about the preacher explaining and more about us seeking to experience the presence of God.

We will seek God’s message for our lives through the practice of lectio divina. This is a timeless Christian practice of reading a few verses of the Bible repeatedly, interspersed with meditation and prayer in order to better understand the Word and apply it to our own lives. You will not have to read aloud in front of the group. We will explore God’s presence in and the meaning of Psalms 90:1-4, in 4 versions. Then we will meditate on the passage for a couple of minutes, the scripture will be read again followed by 2 minutes of silent prayer.

Again, we will spend 2 minutes thinking about any action God may want us to take individually or as a group in response to this text from the Bible.

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Daily Prayer 

Join with us each day as we pray for different groups/people

click the link below to download a copy of our Daily Prayer Cycle

Cycle of Prayer2

“Making Sense of the Bible” Bible Study
Thursdays @  7pm

 at the home of Kate Mullen.

If you need directions please call the church office or send an email to mumcpc@gmail.com